Picture 1: Monica Emilie Herstad, herStay, accepts her International Ibsen Award Stipend from The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture From left, hence the 2 stipend winners from Asia, the 1 from US, and herStay, from Europe, Norway herStay Winning Silver Prize in South Korea, East Asia: herStay Winning in South Korea Recently

Different fundings are frequently contributing to herStay, such as Royal Norwegian Ministery of Forreign Affairs, Royal Norwegian Embassy Beijing, ASSITEJ, the Royal Norwegian Culture Department, National Competence Centre for Dance Region West, Norwegian Arts Council, EEA Norwayfunds, etc.
Monica Emilie Herstad receives The Norwegian Government Artist Grant for Young Artists already at an early stage, tbc.

herStay phone: Norway: +474 15 2 15 01
E-mail: herStay@gmx.com

herStay adress: Wonderful Art, Drammensveien 83, 0271 Oslo
Twitter: herStay



Please note: Monica Emilie Herstad with her works, is protected including by the law of literary and artistic property, the Berne Convention, and the International Intellectual Property Code.
All Monica Emilie Herstad and herStay art, movement, expression, direction, titles, concepts, ideas, synopsises, manuscripts, photos, applications, and further documentation, including all Herstad and herStay�s editorial content and artistic material and design, in programs, papers, books, flyers, posters, blogs, the videos, films, music, set design, light design, the performers styling, and on this site spesific, images of Monica Emilie Herstad in particular, and in general, as well as the names herStay, Monica Emilie Herstad, herStay.net, are protected and copyrighted material, whichmeans that all levels of unauthorized use, can be prosecuted to the full extent of national and international law.

herStay Artist Grant, is for 2015, tba.
For the year 2014: "The professional dancer Katarina Skaar Henriksen is given herStay Workshop Stipend 2014".
In 2010 it was given to the youth organization NMA, NY. Earlier, such as in 2006, the grant was given to Patravadi Theatre with Sikkha Asia Foundation, in Thailand, with the symbolic profit of the herStay� Bangkok Performance January 26th, to reach children victims after the Tsunami incident at that time.

Monica Emilie Herstad is a member of the organizations MFO, Norwegian Art Critics Guild, NOFOD, NAR/ The Association of Researchers - Forskerforbundet, BONO/ The Visual Artists Copyrights Association, DTS/ NAPA: Norwegian Association for Performing Arts, ASSITEJ, etc.

All herStay photos and video stills are selected and edited by Monica Emilie Herstad. Contributing photographers to http://www.herStay.net are: Monica Emilie Herstad�s own auto stills and video stills, Ivan Brodey coloumn portraits Monica Emilie Herstad, and front animation: Monica Emilie Herstad on photo, animated by Espen Staver. Stein Reusch Weber is contributing with several photos here and there.
Web design this site: Espen Staver.
Graphic design posters Project # 4, INvisible planet, Project (2000), and Project #5, Disturbed Id (1999): Aina Griffin.
Claudia Sandor graphic design herStay flyer 2005, 2008, 2009, 2015. Steffen Ludviksen in 2009, and 2010, AK/ M�nelyst, in 2011 and 2012. herStay inc publishing books: herStay Teachings 2015, Artist Book, Body vs context (book and video), Monica Emilie Herstad - selected articles 2001 - 2010, Karmayogasastra were released in 2010. The perfect language, tba.

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