Monica Emilie Herstad:

Monica Emilie Herstad is in 2005 approved with MA/ equivalent in performance, earlier she earned a BA including Dancer Diploma and Dance Pedagogique, since then teaching with an Associate Professor status, she is educating herself and others in dance, performance and art understanding, world wide.

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Monica Emilie Herstad Curriculum Vitae

Monica Emilie Herstad - Dancer anf Teacher Diploma from the Norwegian University College of Dance

In 2018 she is being interviewed by Pengevirke, Cultura Bank in a feature describing her artistic work: article link

In 2018 she is a writer for The Modern Times 2018 Gud finner hvile since 2017: link

Monica Emilie Herstad is in 2017 being interviewed in the Norwegian National Radio, NRK, P2, regarding Japanese Art; link

In 2017 she receives a critique in Scenekunst for her recent performance Compose Yourself - It may happen in beauty at Deichmanske Grunerlokka during a collaboration with the Ibsen Festival 2016, now touring internationally: link

Monica Emilie Herstad is since 2005 working extencively with Ibsen in relation to dance and movement, several of her works is registrered in the database Ibsenstages of Centre for Ibsen Studies, UiO: Ibsen research - Article in Aftenposten

Award winning Monica Emilie Herstad is a director, choreographer, performer, dancer, writer, who is creating, and appearing in a number of art performances and events, located in different contexts, such as at international festivals, art openings, galleries, performance spaces, in films, at underground club scenes and sometimes at fashion events, through out the world. Her works are represented on stages such as recently in Prague, and earlier in South Korea, Costa Rica, Oslo, Hong Kong, New Dehli, Bombay, Berlin, NY, Bergen, LA, Shanghai, etc.

She received Silver Prize for her performance Movers and shakers - Tangible channeling the existence of nature, in South Korea August 7th 2011, and International Ibsen Awards Stipend in 2008, etc.

Monica Emilie Herstad is introduced to ballet at an early stage, her ballet education started for her as a nine year old, within the ballet system RAD, and later within Vaganova technique, with Jorun Kirken�r.
(Herstad as well had the opportunity to study Ms. Maja Plisetskaja at Theatre Champs Elysee in Paris, in her Swan interpretation, from a close row, as a student, already in the nineties.) For Herstad visiting the Vaganova State Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, to present her paper, and hold a Master Class on Body vs Literature, in 2011, was a pleasant opportunity. As well as being invited to watch the MA students� final exam performance at the Heremitage Winter Palace Theater, excellent, recently.)

herStay expression is often cherished, and Ms. Herstad is now buzy creating one of her several well recieved commissioned herStay performances, herStay Daphne vs Apollo 2015, after Effervescent Futures and Sketches for Spring.

The Sketches for Spring serie started out in June 2011, and continued in 2012 as a performance serie in Botanical Garden in Oslo, of 11 performance days.

37 Sketches for Spring performances were performed from June 25th 2011 until June 2015. Monica Emilie Herstad is as well creating large event performances in different contexts, such as at the National Museum of Arts, in Munch contexts, in Domus Media, or at openings and different art biennales, and similar, such as for Oslo Open 2012, in September.

herStay is her artist signature, an officially registrered art unit. Monica Emilie Herstad is qualified for membership in both the NAR - Norwegian Association of Researchers, MFO/ LO, NOFOD, ASSITEJ, The Visual Arts Copy-right Foundation/ BONO, DTS/NAPA,Norwegian Association for Performing Arts, and other societies. She served as a board member for DTS for 2 years, and head of their election committee for 3 years, for NODA she served as an elected member of the dance magazine committee and journalist for 4 years. She served 1.5 year as a consultant for NAV, for Norwegian professional dancers, receiving the best letter of reccomandation, when she decided to leave for the opportunity for a fulltime career as an artist internationally.

Since 2006 she presents her recognized interpretations of Ibsen-related material world-wide, with her performance "Past is simulation - The ladies of the sea vs Nora, and other stories of the society", Forever/ Yongyuan/ Toujours/ Ewig (2008), NoNameDance (2007), Movers and shakers - Tangible channeling the existence of nature (2010), Sketches for Spring (2012), and now Compose Yourself - It may happen in beauty, as well, based on Hedda Gabler by Ibsen.

She is from 2005 - 2008 most generously offered a Guest Research stay, as an independent research, at the Centre for Ibsen Studies (at the sun observatory), in Observatoriegaten 1, University of Oslo.

Her Ibsen related project Past is simulation - The ladies of the sea vs Nora, and other stories of the society, was recently an invited performance at India Theater Festival Bharat Rang Mahotsav Golden Jubil�e 2008, in New Delhi and their satelite-festival in Bombay as well, at Nehru Center, further to Bangkok Fringe Festival, in Hong Kong at On&On Theatre, and to Shanghai in June 2009, at Xinahui Hall, Fudan University, etc.

Her well acclaimed and prize winning performance Movers and shakers - Tangible channeling the existence of nature, is touring in 2014 as well, after earlier to St. Petersburg, Russia, San Jose, Limon, Alajuela in Costa Rica, and South Korea in 2011, amongst other.

In 2004 she presented one of her major, mediated dance performances, SLOWFLY/V.i.c.t.o.r.i.a.. at Nationaltheatret, Torshovteatret, in Oslo, a critical comment to Hamsun`s novel, Victoria, where she in the last scene compares the dance interpretation of the protagonist Victoria, with La dame aux cam�lias (The Lady of the Camellias) by Alexandre Dumas, amongst others, comparing their dance scenes, discussing similarities and differences in character.

The solo parts variation of this dance performance was invited to Patravadi Theater in Bangkok January 2006, very well recieved, and also - the year before, to Istanbul International Munincipality Theater Festival 2005, still this travel to Istanbul was postponed due to the artists preference, for the future to come.

She is with herStay performing internationally, ever since the nineties, encouraged from also when she recieved the National Norwegian Grant for Promising Young Artists, in 1998

Monica Emilie Herstad is educated in classic ballet, as well as in contemporary dance, and expresses dance also influenced by Japanese Butoh and Body Weather. Choreography, direction on stage and in film are amongst her values.

Monica Emilie Herstad is referred to within influential, international dance literature and curriculum, for instance in the American professor at New York State University, Sondra Horton Fraleigh�s book Dancing into Darkness, published in 1999, at the University of Pittsburgh Press, page 14, and further.

Monica Emilie Herstad appears in several of Japanese Min Tanaka�s great performances internationally, since 1994, such as in The Dance of Life, to mesmerizing reviews, for instance in Tokyo Times (1997), referred to as a new star in the Zodiake, and in his works - in both large outdoor productions, and inside larger theater and opera spaces, such as Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, in his productions like The Ancient Woman/ Swan Lake (1994), I saw a Whale in a Grassland (1995), and she was also contributing to the pre-production for other of his works, such as The Wizzard of Oz (1995), The Magic Flute (1995), and Romance (1998), etc.

She also performed as a choreography assistant and casting adviser to his production The Dance of life in 1997, and she co-produced the I... Sit production in Oslo, a duet with a young boy, casting the boy (1996), Niklas Alexander Schjetlein.
She was for different productions as well assisting, according to either casting and choreograpy, lights, sound, costume design, and full production insight, contributing to several of his works.

She has followed a number of his productions internationally, and sometimes joined his workshops to (5), both in Japan (1994, 1995, 1999), in Ghent/ S.M.A.K. (2000), and as a part of the rehearsal periode in Norway in 1994.

She performed as a guest performer at his festival ArtCamp in DanceHakushu, programmed with her own performance, Disturbed ID, in 1999, located in the forest as stage, that were staged in NY the same year, at Here Theater, 15 performance, in November 1999:
Monica Emilie Herstad in NY

(September 1st 2008 Peter Brook presented a lecture in Norway. Listening to his voice, inspired Monica Emilie Herstad with an immediate remembrance of her performing on stage at Setagaya Theater in Tokyo, that was greatly commented upon by Peter Brook, as he as an invited guest entered the space, standing close to her and commenting to the audience upon her as "Beautiful concentration. Wonderful concentration", he repeated, as he was an invited guest to observe Min Tanaka�s works during Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts in 1997, where Monica Emilie Herstad was performing and assisting as a choreography assistant. A memorable moment, as an anecdote.)

Monica Emilie Herstad appears in the famous European Raimund Hoeghe�s dance works as well, in 2001, as he asked her to be the guest performer in his performance Throwing your body into the fight, in a performance supported by the Goethe Institut, at the Berlin-Oslo Festival. She had the pleasure to work with Otmar Wagner and Henrik Westergaard Friis as well during this festival. Hoeghe is the major dramaturgist of early Pina Bausch.
Later she had the pleasure to meet Pina as well, at India Theater Festival, as they were both performing there. herStay at India Theater Festival Golden Jubil�e

Monica Emilie Herstad subsequently offers professional level herStay workshops internationally, in contemporary, classical and butoh inspired movement.

Monica Emilie Herstad holds in 2015 an associate professor status. In 2008 completing her 3 year guest scholarship at UiO, Center for Ibsen Studies, she also fulfills her Nordic MA in Dance Science, and gained her BA in dance, dancers diploma and teacher exam at the Norwegian college of dance, before studies in Paris at Rencontre International de Dans Contemporaine, and Japan.
Herstad at the Norwegian Dance Academy

The post-graduation studies in improvisation and choreograpy in Paris, France - further choreography, improvisation and Wigman, at amongst other Rencontre International de Dans Contemporaine, were where she was introduced to and impressed with amongst other the teachings of Jaquelyne Robinson, earlier the pianist of the modernist Mary Wigman

In Japan she earned the most valuable artistic experience, dancing in performances, practicing Body Weather and Butoh by Min Tanaka, in her 7 years of continously specialization in understanding and performing, starting out as his dancer in 1994, and in 1997 also functioning as his choreography assistant, and casting adviser, to his performance The Dance of Life premiered at Lillehammer Winter Olympics, and later at Tokyo International Festival of Performing Arts, and at the Ultima Festival, where she as both dancer and choreography assistant, selected the new dancers, and instructed the 1.20 hr performance choreography to a cast of 14 dancers.

Monica Emilie Herstad stars at the front cover of the Tokyo-program in 1997, in this dance performance on Edvard Munch, supported by Japan Foundation, an excellent starting-point for her future career.

The performance The Dance of Life became referred to in the media, such as in The Tokyo Times, as "a performance created by Min Tanaka, the new star in the zodiake", and her name and excellent performance skills was mentioned especially.

Her professional experience with film counts several short films, touring international festivals, such as Grimstad, Stockholm, Bangkok, Brno, NY, LA, etc.

Monica Emilie Herstad�s complex education and experience within performance, dance, theater, fashion and film, both practical and philosophical, makes us acknowledge the aspect of recognition and respect that a higher degree within this field demands.

A certain amount of high level, practical experience, and research like hers, as well as the professional feedback, like the marvellous reviews she gains for her herStay works, as an example.

Her maintaining theoretical research project is entitled, since 2004:
Intuition vs methodology, a plethora of different contingencies

Monica Emilie Herstad�s interests in Butoh; the authentic Japanese contribution to the complex field of contemporary art, is confirmed in her dancing in Japanese Min Tanaka butoh performances internationally. Still traces and fractales of butoh is being seen in her complex movement philosophy these days, even in her own herStay works.

Monica Emilie Herstad�s artistic heritage is now expressed through a complex expression performed at the juxtaposition of a vague, dance expression, in the spirit of a discussion of slightly taking distance to a spesific genre quality, subtly combined with mediated elements and live music, surfaced in special, up-to-date aesthetics. Diverging between the mise en scene, and directing, more than movement and choreography alone.

herStay is a distinguished and productive performance unit, that is defined to belong within the genre where the art gallery and the event is of just as great importance as the theater or dance stage itself.

herStay performances are of an ambient kind and uses dance, meditation, text fragments, art videos, and composer�s live performed electronica music, as a more of a post-digital, or post-spctacular expression, containing equal dramaturgic energies.

herStay artistic message consists of director Monica Emilie Herstad�s subtle, critical comments on the societies that surrounds us, thus, herStay art represents essentially the approach of defending peace, democracy and human rights as immanent values, through our movement, performances, films and art events, that are continiously performed through out the worlds.

Monica Emilie Herstad has several extensive stays abroad, for instance in NY, Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo, and travels with her herStay performances to destinations such as South Korea, India, China, and Asia at large, US, Latin-America, Russia, Norway and Europe of course, etc., from time to time.

Ever since the beginning of her career, Monica Emilie Herstad recieves the most wonderful reviews with her artistic works, see herStay/ REVIEWS.

Since 1994 she is also representing the leading unit established of body weather laboratories and butoh in her context.

Photo: Monica Emilie Herstad
Photographer: Marit Anna Evanger 2010


Monica Emilie Herstad
herStay art works includes:

Sketches for Spring solo at the international Oslo summer festival Schouskollektivet extended taking place at Oslo Teatersenter July 28, 29 2018

Different guest performances at a number of dance and film festivals and pop-up artistic occations 2015 - 2018

Compose Yourself - It may happen in beauty (2016), for ensemble, at Deichmanske Grunerlokka in collaboration with Ibsenfestivalen 2016, touring international

herStay in collaboration with National Gallery Prague 2014 - 2016, Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, with Monica Emilie Herstad performance Effervescent Flourishing/ Sketches for Spring (Spring 2014 - Spring 2017)

herStay Daphne vs Apollo 2015, Rome, July 2015

Sketches for Spring (2012 - 2018), in Bergen Arboretum Milde, Botanical Garden Bergen, Japanhaven August 10th and October 22nd 2014, Botanical Garden, Oslo April - September 2012, Troms� in June (2012), Oslo Open Biennale 2012, StillScape Festival June 2011

Working title for Sketches for Spring 2011: "Mirroring a plot of self-reliance"/ "Blesses for the masses� (2011), Monica Emilie Herstad at StillScape Festival 2011 solo

"Movers and Shakers - Tangible channeling the existence of nature" (2010) touring Oslo, Costa Rica, St. Petersburg, South Korea in 2011, and Beijing, Buenos Aires in 2012, pre-performance in Shanghai 2009 etc.

"Forever/ [Youngyuan]/ EWIG/ Toujours" touring NY in 2009, Earth Hour at Oslo City Hall, and at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet spring 2009, premiere edition in Oslo in September 2008, an ensemble production for 5 performers in a scenery of nature vs architecture
NoNameDance (2007)

Past is simulation - The Ladies of the Sea vs Norah, and other stories of the society (2006), touring Oslo, and in 2008: New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, Hong Kong

Post-matter--positioning (2005)

SLOWFLY/V.i.c.t.o.r.i.a.. in collaboration with The National Theater, Torshovteatret in Oslo (2004)

The fetish is the observer, BBT (2003)

The fetish is the observer, Oslo Kunsthall (2002)

herOism (2003)

[BeMyGhost] (2002)

Comewhatmay; (2001)

_INvisible _planet (2000)

_disturbed _ id (1999)

Levende Fangst (1999)

Recollection of an unlived life (1998), Oslo, NY

Wounded, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter (1998)

Illusions are by nature sweet (1997), Oslo, NY


Resyme I, The Year of Dance Festival (1993)

She is touring extensively international in 2012, to Troms�, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Beijing, in 2011 to Costa Rica, South Korea, St. Petersburg, to NY and Shanghai in 2009, she was touring to India Theater Festival in New Delhi and Mumbai spring 2008, and to Bangkok Fringe Festival also in 2008, with Past is simulation - Ladies form the sea vs Nora, and other sotires fo the society, also visiting Hong Kong, at On&On Theater with that performance.
She toured Berlin with her performance NoNameDance in 2007, and at Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok in both 2006 and 2004 as well.
She presented her grand work Past is simulation - The ladies of the sea vs Nora, and other stories of the society, in Oslo at the semi-institutional off mainstream venue Black Box Teater in November 23d-26th 2006, where she earlier performed her own works also in 2003, 2001, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1993 as well. The Dance of Life in where she contributed as a dancer, were also performed at BBT in 1994, and 1997.

She is in 2008 holding a 3 year Guest Research Fellowship at Centre for Ibsen Studies since 2005, and she is represented with a significant number of her site spesific Ibsen inpired performance events at different Ibsen Year 2006 contexts with her performance Past is simulation - The ladies of the sea vs Nora, and other stories of the society, for instance at Oslo City Hall, further at Domus Media, and at the official opening of the Henrik Ibsen Boulevard in Oslo, etc.

Monica Emilie Herstad presents with her performance serie in 2007 NoNameDance, occuring at openings at for instance The National Museum, as a commissioned work at the opening of Oslo Open 2007, etc.

In 2005 she presents her performance Comewhatmay;, and the belonging videos at the theater Collective Unconcious in NY, and at filmfestivals in NY and LA in 2005, and she was invited to several interesting theaters and festivals in Norway and abroad with her work SLOWFLY/ V.i.c.t.o.r.i.a.. for instance to The National Theater, Torshovteateret in Oslo 2004, and at Soria Moria Festivalen in Oslo, 2004.

She is permanently invited to several art events, for instance to Oslo, St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Bruxelles, Troms�, Stockholm, Bergen in 2012, to St. Petersburg, Costa Rica, NY, South Korea in 2011, to NY in 2010, to Shanghai in 2009, Bangkok in 2008, 2006, 2004, 1997, in N.Y. 2005, 2003, 1999, 1998, 1997, at NYIIFVF Filmfestival in LA and NY in 2005, and at Post Gallery in L.A. 2003, at Black Box Teater in Oslo in 2006, 2003, 2001, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1993, at Oslo Open in 2008, 2007, 2003, 2000, in Stavanger 2004, 1998, at Kaiitheater in Br�ssel 2002, at BIT/ Oktoberdans 2002, at Bergen Kunsthall 2002, at Oslo Kunsthall 2002, at Moderna Dansteatern, in Stockholm 2002, at Carte Blanche Danseteater in Bergen 2002, at Teaterhuset Avant Garden in Trondheim, 2003, 2002, 2001, at Grenland Friteater in 2002, at Baltiskij Dom, Solstnevorot, at White Night Festival in St.Petersburg 2000, at Culture City Bergen Festival 2000, at Art Camp Festival in Japan 1999, at HERE Theater Mainstage in Soho NY 1999, at H2O Festival in Oslo with Biosphere in 1999, in France in duet with musician Nils �kland at the Annecy Film Festival 1999, representing the Nordic and Baltic Countries, at Henie-Onstad Artsenter 1998, etc.

Ms. Herstad�s first appearance in film, Morphia, 1995, earlier toured Nordic Panorama Kiruna 1998, Grand Prix Video Dance Stockholm 1997, Dance for Camera/ULTIMA Festival 1997, Bangkok International Art Film Festival 1997, Electra at Henie-Onstad Artcenter 1996, Grimstad Film Festival 1996, etc.

Monica Emilie Herstad collaborates with distinguished composers and musicians, recently with Hicham Boudd�n, earlier collaborating artistically with the ambient music composer of the 90�ies, BIOSPHERE in 1999, to his original music to her new herStay choreography including 8 herStay dancers, in the dance concert Live Catch, entitled and commisioned by The H2O-Festival.

Further, she represented the Nordic and Baltic countries during Annecy Animation Film Festival in France in 1998, dancing at 5 screen openings to Nils �klands music.
In 1996 she danced in composer Christian Eggens Orkesternatt with Oslo Sinfonietta during ULTIMA FESTIVAL, featuring actors such as Bj�rn Sundquist, directed by Mette Brandtz�g, dramatized by Halldis Hoaas.
Paolo Vinacciae, did the composition for her performance Disturbed Id version I, in 1999.
Her work with composer Patrick Shaw Iversen in solo performances, and with him and Anna Lisa dal Pra in Boreas Theater, at Grenland Friteater and at Haa Gamle Prestegaard and in Stavanger Domkirke, and other places, received great reviews as well.
Special thanks also to collaborators such as Otmar Wagner and Henrik Westergaard-Pedersen where Monica Emilie Herstad appeared in their performance Inventure Debile - Offenbar Berlin - Oslo.
The filmmaker Setzuko Watanabe, the collaboration with Mobile Home, and Tanja Orning, DK Arts Management Agnes Kroepelien, the collaboration with Randy Nailor and Pia Myrvold at Samtidsmuseet, the collaboration with Arne Rygvold at �stfold Kunstnersenter.
The great photographer Marit Anna Evanger to whom Monica Emilie Herstad danced in a serie of 4 performances at Stenersen Museet at her photo exhibition of Min Tanaka�s performance The Dance of Life.
Further thanks to curator Camilla Eeg Tverbak for Oslo Kunsthall, to herStay personal film consultant Anette Haraldsen, the collaborations with Camela Leierth (KENT), and the composer Jon Rekdal, the author Henning Reusch, and cellist Bodil Vossg�rd Mathisrud from Stavanger Symphony Orchestra for in our collaboratoin for Gyldendahl Publishing House, et al.

herStay is in 2012 represented by the management Scanarts AS


herStay dance pedagogics:
Monica Emilie Herstads is a qualified teacher holding a BA in ballet and modern dance, MA qualified, holding a 3 year Guest Research stay at UiO, Centre for Ibse Studies.
Her teaching experience is confirmed in several lectures and workshops on her own company herStay.
She is also inspired of Min Tanaka�s Butoh and Body Weather Laboratories movement, teached on university level.
She is invited with her papers, Master Class, workshops/ lectures to such as at the Tenk Teater Conference February 19th 2012, as a debater, and to perform a paper at DOCH conference in Stockholm, on Dance Didactics in October 2012, and at XIII International Ibsen Conference in Troms�, in June 2012.

In 2011 she teached a lecture at the Vaganova State ballet School in St. Petersburg May 17th, and teached Master Class at BodyWord Festival in St. petersburg, as well as teaching Master Class at Nacional Universidad at Costa Rica, in 2011, one class for Dance MA Students and one class for Theater MA students.

Teaching at PRODA in 2014, 2015, teaching in contemporary dance for professional dancers, amongst other.
Ppresenting paper at the University of Troms�, XIII International Ibsen Conference 2012, at DOCH in Stockholm October 2012, at Tenk Teater Conference at Black Box Teater in Oslo/ Uio 2012, at Vaganova State Ballet Academy in 2011, at Universidad Nacional Costa Rica in 2011, in Shanghai at Fudan University in 2009, at University of Oslo, UiO, with her lectures in October 2009, and April 2nd in 2008, at Oslo Fotokunstskole in October 2007, at UiO March 23d 2006, at UiB during the conference Global Ibsen between East and West in November 2006, On intuition versus methodology, a plethora of different contingencies? as a contribution to the seminar series Designing Design (2004) at the University of Oslo, Institute for Media and Design, and earlier at the university NTNU in Trondheim (2003), KhiO/ The National Fine Art Academy in Oslo (2003), Oslo Fotokunstskole (2000 - 2003), Nordic Black Theater (February 2002), at Bergen Dansesenter (1994- 1997), at Scenehuset (1996- 2002), at UPOP- festival in Grenland (2002), at The National College of Dance (2000), at The University of Pusan in Korea (1995), and she is continously teaching professional workshops, and holding lectures.


Board member, adviser, consultant within the arts

For instance:
In 2014/ 2015 she functioned as an adviser to Jarvis & Klee, in 2013/ 2014 she functioned as adviser for MODUS ensemble, etc. In 2000-2004 she functioned as the artistic advisor to the non profit fashion magazine Fjords where she was asked to select the front cover issue titles, as well as the cover photos, to the successful issues. She suggested the art editor Claudia Sandor and the music editor Marius J�ntvedt, to everyones satisfaction. Her advising of highlight front cover photos and front cover subtitles are mainly ATTENTION (2004), INFLUENCE (2003), EMBRACE,(2002), subtitle BIOGRAPHY (2004), and series: title BORDERLINE (2001), in addition to her essays on art in general, with articles such as ORGANIZED HAPPY AGRESSION in October 2003, and so on. Some of her articles are available as read-to-go�s.

herStay Artist Books are published frequently